Visa & Passport Services
Experience the G3 Difference

White Glove Service

G3’s hands-on service approach is unparalleled in the industry. Give your travelers the personalized guidance, assistance, and support they deserve to keep them moving.

Dedicated Global Support

When you select G3 as your travel document provider, you benefit from a global account management team and a personized touch to assist with every need.

G3 Client Dashboard

Track and monitor your vital travel documents with 24/7 data access, customized reporting, proactive travel alerts, and document back-up for real-time visibility. 

About G3

With G3 Global Services, obtaining and managing your vital travel documents has never been easier. Travelers trust G3’s experience, expertise, and secure technology to deliver their travel documents on time, and hassle-free.

G3 specializes in U.S. Passports, Global Travel Visas, e-Visas, and Document Authentication. Their hands-on service approach and white-glove service is unmatched in the industry, offering personalized assistance and support for every individual traveler. Plus, each G3 client receives a dedicated global support team to ensure every detail is taken care of; keeping your business focused on where the world takes you.

Morten Bundgaard
Morten Bundgaard
Director, Partnerships & Integrations, BCD Travel

The Critical Role of Visas in Corporate Travel

Visa & Passport Services

Corporate travel is a complex ecosystem where every element must align seamlessly to ensure successful journeys for employees. While flights, accommodations, and itineraries often take the spotlight, there's one essential component without which none of these matters: the travel visa.

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Ask Your Visa & Passport Services Provider These 10 Questions

Visa & Passport Services

One of the biggest challenges of running a company with global operations is navigating the immigration requirements involved in sending or hiring employees overseas. If you’re looking to hire a consultant to help, here are 10 questions to either consider or ask your visa and passport services provider.

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