Solution Provider - Lumo
AI-powered delay predictions and insights to avoid and manage flight disruptions

Boost Productivity

Reduce downtime by helping travelers and travel arrangers proactively avoid and manage delays

Manage Traveler Stress and Burnout

Improve employee wellness by mitigating disruptions, identifying travelers at risk of burnout, and providing impacted passengers perks such as lounge access

Scorecard Disruption Impact

Quantify the business impact of disruptions, and engage suppliers in data-driven negotiations

About Lumo

Lumo delivers 360-degree visibility into past, current, and future flight disruptions. Lumo’s powerful algorithms synthesize airline, weather, air traffic control, and historical data to predict delays hours to weeks out, to help proactively manage disruptions.

Lumo has four components— the Lumo Browser Extension that displays disruption risk at the point of sale; the Lumo App for travelers to get predictive and real-time notifications; Lumo Navigator for travel arrangers to view and manage current and predicted disruptions; and Lumo Spotlight for Travel Managers, HR, and Procurement to quantify the impact of disruptions, and get reports on traveler wellness and airline performance.

Laurent Schouteten
Laurent Schouteten
Director, Partnerships & Integrations, BCD Travel

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