Travel Wellness
Boost Employee Well-being on Every Business Trip: Save 75% on Lounge Access

The Power of a Single Membership

Sanctifly offers a game-changing proposition: all-in-one access to various airport amenities through a single membership. Gone are the days of juggling multiple passes and memberships for lounges, gyms, and spas at different airports. Sanctifly equips your travelers with the knowledge of challenges faced in travel while providing solutions through its extensive library of travel guides, travel hacks, workout videos and much more

A Global Network of Wellness

Access to 200+ airports worldwide, this app ensures that travelers can elevate their travel experience no matter where their journey takes them. Whether you’re in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, or Dubai, Sanctifly has you covered.

Resilience and Improved Travel Experience

In today’s fast-paced world, resilience is key to handling the challenges of travel. Sanctifly equips travelers with access to spaces where they can relax, recharge, and build resilience. Sanctifly offers members an exclusive guide to locations to work and relax in at airports.

The Remarkable Cost-Benefit Ratio

Starting at just $1.50 per traveler per month, this membership app provides access to amenities that are worth an average of $75–$200 on every trip. It’s a small investment that pays off in immense comfort and well-being.

About Sanctifly

Sanctifly is the world’s largest travel wellness club. They collect and curate all the healthy alternatives when traveling, giving their members exclusive access to airport hotel gym, pool, spa and lounge facilities without having to book a room. Everything the frequent traveler needs to travel well.  Members get access to over 4,000 premium airport activities, exclusive membership benefits, bespoke travel wellness content from industry experts and carefully curated healthy airport guides, all within one app.

Sanctifly believes that wellness should always be the number one priority in travel. They are the essential companion to help travelers build healthy habits to improve their experience and resilience.

Curious about how much Sanctifly would cost for your team or yourself? Simply visit the Sanctifly website and try out their calculator. It’s a user-friendly tool that lets you check an estimated quote tailored to your needs.

Implementation is simple; no training, integration, passwords or secret code. A simple email URL registration and you’re off! Not just that – you can save $1,000 as set up is free to BCD clients.

Check out a Sanctifly + BCD success story

Morten Bundgaard
Morten Bundgaard
Director, Partnerships & Integrations, BCD Travel

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